How to report Bugs

Something is wrong with one of our maps? Let us know!
Also suggest map difficulty re-ratings.

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How to report Bugs

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How to report Bugs

We are all not flawless, so sometimes there are even bugs in released maps.
If you find a cheat, gameplay bug or graphical issue. Then report it in this forum section.

Just create a new topic with the mapname. Then briefly describe the bug and attach a screenshot. The bugged area should be cleary visible or marked. And that's it in most cases. Only If it’s a more complicated cheat or hard to explain you can record a .demo to show it.
You should not upload a fixed map version. Just report the bug and a staff member will take care of the fixing.
Unfortunately we received some fixed maps where people added a shortcut to get a higher rank in hard maps. So we do not accept random map fixes anymore, sry. It's not, cause we don't trust you at all. It's just a decision to prevent unwanted side effects.

After a fixed version is posted, the thread will be moved to the Fixed Archive.
Then an admin will upload the new version to the servers and real archive the thread.
We try to only re-upload maps if it's unavoidable, minor bugs might not be fixed.

Thanks for reporting bugs & re-rating the maps.


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