How to create a basic ddrace map

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How to create a basic ddrace map

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How to create a basic ddrace map
written by Fňokurka, edited by Index
Here I would like to show you the basics of teeworlds mapping. This tutorial is aimed to beginners, who have no idea how map editor works. Follow it and you will quickly learn your first steps. Let's begin with opening the teeworlds map editor. Just start Teeworlds and without joining any server press CTRL + SHIFT + E. Now you should see something like this.
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-02-38-27.png
First of all we should decide what type of map we want to make and how big it should be.
I usually start with 500x500 or something like that.
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-02-54-41.png
We've choosen the first layer called "0". Right click on one of these red squares, now you can edit colour of background of your map. (I'm using new DDnet Client version, and that makes mapping easier)
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-03-09-49.png
But don't make background too bright, it's not good for eyes.
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-03-25-18.png
Now it's time to pick some pictures, also known as tilesets and quads.
Click on "Layers" and then on "add".
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-03-51-08.png
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-03-54-48.png
Choose your pics, and add them.
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-04-07-09.png
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-05-50-92.png
If you added the wanted pictures, you may add a new "Group".
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-05-57-85.png
We are now making some stuff to background. So, you can use stars for this or something like that.
Right click on your new "Group" and "add Quads". Then right click on "Quads" and click on "Image - None". Now choose your picture.
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-06-42-09.png
Press space and hold it, you should see picture you picked. You will pick it by holding left mouse button and marking whole picture.
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-06-49-57.png
If you added picture you need to change number under "Para X" and "Para Y".
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-07-40-66.png
100 means that picture stays at one place, closer to the 0 is picture moving more and more. I usually use numbers around 5.
We must make stars smaller, so we left click on red squares on borders of snow/stars and drag them closer to the middle of picture. Choose your favorite resolution and right click on green square - square/+aspect ratio.
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-07-03-62.png
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-07-23-13.png
Ok, we place snow (stars) at background.
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-08-01-36.png
New group, again add quads and pick your moon (sun) picture. I suggest you to make Para X, Y of moon quite different from numbers of stars.
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-08-53-53.png
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-09-21-05.png
Change size if you want. Aspect ratio!
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-09-40-16.png
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-09-46-17.png
Move groups with stars and moon above group called "Game". (Everything above "Game" is behind tee which is playing the map. -> Everything under "Game" is in front of player and that's pretty sucks.)
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-10-11-42.png
Right click on "Game", now you can add "tune", "teleport", "front"...layer. + Tiles
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-10-24-13.png
Every single tile should contain one thing. (Freeze tile, Hookable tile, Teleport tile...)
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-10-40-75.png
Choose your pictures and change colour as you wish. (If you want see through the pictures, eg. freeze, change "A" to lower number.)
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-11-01-00.png
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-11-27-42.png
All pictures, which aren't in official Teeworlds mapres folder should be embedded! Or others won't see your "new" pictures and it will be buggy.
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-14-44-48.png
I made 2 platforms, one hookable and one unhookable. I also added freeze and teleport.
You have to mark it before testing. If you have tiles in "Game" layer - you can "quick mark them"
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-15-49-66.png
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-15-58-44.png
And that’s it.
Continue doing this and you’ll soon have your very own map, good luck.
DDNet 2015-09-17 17-16-56-87.png
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