DDraceNetwork Quick Tournament #26: Brutal

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DDraceNetwork Quick Tournament #26: Brutal

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The DDraceNetwork Quick Tournament #26 will take place on Sunday, November 30 at 20:00 CET:
  • Brand-new Brutal map (★✰✰✰✰) "Nirvana" by Hindu & Kayumi
  • For each country 64 player servers
  • Additional servers will be run if necessary
  • Up to 32 teams on each server start the map at the same time
  • First to finish wins! (Restarting doesn't reset your time)
To see all 64 players at once you can get the current DDraceNetwork Client. Normal clients also work, but you can only see the closest 16 players at once.

Everyone can participate, there is no registration, just show up on time and have fun!

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