Quick Tournament #15: Brutal!

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Re: Quick Tournament #15: Brutal!

Post by Fifi »

I want to see a legit run. :c

Btw. I can't edit, but is it possible to get the demo just to watch it in game? ^^

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Re: Quick Tournament #15: Brutal!

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I can edit but i won't put the video on youtube! It will take too much time... i will give it to another youtuber but he must say that i did the video -_-

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Re: Quick Tournament #15: Brutal!

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Alex wrote:
Forris wrote:
Alex wrote:Nealson was rendering it but his pc did a restart and didn't save it. He did some effects and this shit spend much time in it and now he is saying:"no i don't do it again"

I got the demo, so someone with some experience can make a nice video.
Haha there already is a video of the map on my channel^^
Ofc. Forris your cheated version of the map. ;)

If someone wanna have a REAL FINISH DEMO, ask me.
If you send to me you will see video this week end :)

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