I have 150US$ credit for AWS

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Re: I have 150US$ credit for AWS

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I wonder who that DDOSer might be..

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Re: I have 150US$ credit for AWS

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valser wrote:
Sun Aug 19, 2018 8:12 pm
I wonder who that DDOSer might be..
its me

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Re: I have 150US$ credit for AWS

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deen wrote:
Sun Aug 05, 2018 7:38 pm
Since when is Amazon a major player in providing game-specific udp based DoS protection?
I don't think you can have a DDOS protection that is specific as "game-specific UDP" because DDOS can flood any port/lane. If such thing exists in other games and works, I would love to know about it!

Though I guess I wouldn't know about Amazon in the EU, but Amazon has built their Internet/fibre infrastructure underground and have been working together with Cloudflare for years with Amazon in the US. I'm sure you heard about Cloudflare and their history of DDOS mitigation. They've earned quite a reputation on the Internet.

However, you posted in the other thread that it's ~500 per month for a server with DDOS protection. It seems that 150 is nowhere near enough. This is rather unfortunate. I guess we can close the thread.

@Chairn: The police can do absolutely nothing about DDOS attacks. Reporting to the police about DDOS is like reporting firefighters about a broken computer.

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Re: I have 150US$ credit for AWS

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It's not about doing about it, it's about doing something against the author, not quite the same. (although finding the author might be another problem)

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Re: I have 150US$ credit for AWS

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@Pathos, it does exist. Arbor makes hardware that does very specific filtering on UDP traffic and OVH have very similar hardware that is trained to filter non-protocol packets. It basically drops most garbage and makes sure non established connections only send packets that are meant to initiate a connection.

It requires packet inspection and thus expensive hardware to keep the throughput up, which is why many providers don't have such firewalls.

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