Botting again

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Botting again

Post by heinrich5991 »

We have seen players that some of the players that have been banned four weeks ago have botted again. Since we don't really have a way to make sure that they don't do it again, our only way forward seems to be to ban again.

Since the relatively short ban did not seem to help to reinforce that cheating is not wanted on DDNet, we'll move to a longer ban so that those people have less incentive to cheat the leaderboards.

We currently have no plans for unbanning these repeat offenders.

The repeat offenders are no longer welcome on DDNet servers, moderators are encouraged to kick them if they see them with slightly modified names.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Re: Botting again

Post by N9mkOik:D »

Ban forever

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Re: Botting again

Post by Swift »

A leopard cannot change its spots

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Re: Botting again

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Re: Botting again

Post by noby »

delete all their ranks too

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Re: Botting again

Post by Kenzo »

N9mkOik:D wrote:
Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:43 am
Ban forever

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Re: Botting again

Post by senpa' »

Can we get some names?
finish me pls

I want helper

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Re: Botting again

Post by Konsti »

my suggestion is to move the ranks of the botters to "invalid player" which will be not a real player, just that the points and ranks of the botters are deleted but the innocent teammates will not lose their ranks.
Not ban their names, just make them starting again

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Re: Botting again

Post by aaa »

it doesn't matter if the botter cheated 1 part or whole map, a rank including a bot-usage should be deleted and that obviously includes the full teamrank..

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Re: Botting again

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