Tournament on DDNet/How to Map a Tournament map!

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Tournament on DDNet/How to Map a Tournament map!

Post by Laboon »


thanks to Deen that DDNet hosts my port of the tournament mod from 0.5.2 :)

I'm also really happy to see that the server is already at almost 30 players :o

There are still a few features I'd like to add such as

-Ground-hook penalty (When someone hooks the ground for too long)

-Anti-timer function (When someone holds someone in freeze until the time runs out)

and some more ideas...

If you have suggestion or found bugs feel free to write them here!

And now - how to map a Tournament map:

At the moment there are 5 possible Teams you can place: Using the switch tile number 7. (The tile with the jumps)

Having a Delay of 0 to 4 you can choose which team this tile represents.

Now to the arenas:

There are 30 possible arenas you can map.

The teleport tiles are 1 to 64. So arena 1 has: Team 1 : Tele 1, Team 2 : Tele 2; Arena 2 has: Team 1 : Tele 3, Team 2 : Tele 4, and arena 30 has tele 61 and tele 62.

The score tile is the "unlock team" tile from the game entitys.

And the porters at the end are:

Check t1: The looser

Check t2: The Winner

Check t3: The new players

Anyway, have a nice day my friends!

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Re: Tournament on DDNet/How to Map a Tournament map!

Post by deen »

Definitely anti-timer, also all teams should be equal size. /team should always be disabled, otherwise you can have more than 3 people in team.

Thanks for reviving an old mod!

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