More Tournaments?

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Re: More Tournaments?

Post by Skyrel »

I was thinking about making a testers private section where people (using a link to an external website) upload their own map that wants for the tournament. if is not good or hard enought the map gets automatically moved in the public map testing section.
(I dont know if it is possible :))

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Re: More Tournaments?

Post by Welf »

@Skyrel it is easier if they just contact the testers ;)
If you have a Tournament map talk to snail, jao or me. Maybe even contact RayB. but i'm not sure about him. (@staff: if this list is wrong just correct me xD)

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Re: More Tournaments?

Post by Alex »

Thanks to Welf for this thread.
I like the idea of more tournaments, it'll make ddrace interesting again, for me. ^-^
Index wrote:viewtopic.php?p=47811#p47811 (=kinda Welf's concept)
viewtopic.php?f=29&t=2044 (=kinda Lanux' concept)

Yeah, it's definitely a good idea. However the map should not be publsihed in forum before and once a month seems enough for me. I think it get's to common if we do it more often. The reward for the first finish in every map is not really a good idea in my opinion.
Tournaments for unfinished released maps is something, that is even more close to this "finish together"-prinicipal suggested by Forris (see links). So, yeah that might be good idea as well. Although this might be limited to really good players only.
@Index Mine idea isn't like the Forris 64TeeTeamTry..
There are so many maps they aren't finish yet. It'll make the map "popular" for a short time and maybe someone is finishing it and you can do the map in bigteams or in a 2ppl team, each player can choose.
Skyrel wrote:I would suggest to add "tournaments points" so the top5 teams that finish first gets
@Skyrel Your idea with the Tournament-Rankpoints is nice! I'm in favor! :)
[mod=Index]That's why I wrote kinda :p
Yea, i like that idea :)[/mod]

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