Noname Bot Playing.

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Noname Bot Playing.

Post by teini94 »

here is the info about the (not like rocos 90% bot) real bot its clearly for all and he play with it right now in a "speedrun" to make his rank even better (voted him - but not even a little chance of success) if u delete his rank - he just do a new one(he is right now anyway) if u do nothing - here is a little shitstorm if u do speak with him (there is a little chance) if u punish him with a little ban (some days) and delete his rank until next time (which you sadly will not notice,[but thats not the big problem]),

I would suggest a combination in 3 and 4.

your choice hf
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Re: Noname Bot Playing.

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honestly I think that this is pretty ridiculous. Someone botting on such an easy map? And I don't see much harm in that bot tbh, but admins should still talk to him.
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