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Re: 9.2 Client

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Chairn wrote:I personally feel like they are less people now than 1 year ago.
Yes, because you are blocker.
U blocked me 10 min ago on the map.

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Re: 9.2 Client

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Personally, I'd love to see some Release Notes for new DDNet versions in the web site, as happened for other versions before.

PS: Servers' MOTD need to be updated. It still displays "9.1 is out" after being connected to a server instance.

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Re: 9.2 Client

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I'll just bump this thread with a better link to 9.1 to 9.2 changelog: https://github.com/ddnet/ddnet/compare/9.1...9.2

Also, I have a question, does "Kick people using overlong UTF-8 sequences" fixes people having multiline nicknames? We had such people on blmapv3 server, it completely screwed up the chat.

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Re: 9.2 Client

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Probably. Also your client should fix that as well, not just the server.

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