The End of DDraceNetwork

More serious discussions, information about official DDNet servers, important announcements.
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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

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Add me too.
i exist
so do you

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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

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I've just read the death note xD

I think I can help running the servers. Especially, if running means server administration.

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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

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Guys add me too
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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

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Add me too

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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

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Could you make the costs of running ddnet open to the people here? It would help the people who care to keep it going make an informed decision.

Also, I used to run a number of servers here in the US. I would be happy to do that again for ddnet.



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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

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bad news

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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

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Aoe wrote:No way.
time to quit tw i suppose.
and you say this like that? nothing more? just leave it? i rly can't understand you

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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

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deen wrote:
BamBam wrote:Maybe we could have a little group that runs the servers, instead of just 1 person.
Btw what do you mean by "Keep them Running"?
As an example you should be able to understand and follow these instructions: Many other parts of running DDNet are just in my head so far, but I could write them down or show them to the new guy. I would need someone who knows his way through command line Linux, can read and write C++, Python, shell scripts, SQL and MySQL/MariaDB experience, Debian/CentOS system administration experience.
I'm able to do most of this and what I can't do now, I'm able to learn since I'm working as a software developer anyways. I am willing to take the time off of my free time to administrate the servers.
Just ping me for more information, don't want to post all my infos here :D

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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

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Add me in ! anything!

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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

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Uniste a a todas las comunidades de tee del mundo, respect.

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