The End of DDraceNetwork

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The End of DDraceNetwork

Post by deen »

DDraceNetwork ends on October 1 if we can't find someone to run the servers. It has been a great 2 years building DDNet as a totally free game with servers all over the world, overcoming technical and personal challenges and watching the international community grow. Huge thanks to everyone who helped, donated and spent their time on DDNet, without you all DDNet would never have been possible! You can read more about DDNet's history if you're interested.

The main reason for shutting down DDNet is that I'm finishing my studies and want to focus on other projects. The time needed and costs for keeping DDNet running are too high for me. I couldn't bear to watch DDNet deteriorate in quality and no fitting maintainer could be found to keep DDNet running.

All the work put into DDNet and the collected data stays available for other server hosters to use as they see fit:
Interested server hosters can use IRC ([url=irc://]#ddnet[/url] on Quakenet, Webchat) or the forum if they need help.

I hope you all had a great time on DDNet and met many nice people from all over the world. Enjoy your life!

deen / Dennis Felsing

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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

Post by Aoe »

No way.
time to quit tw i suppose.
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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

Post by NealsonTnP »

no fcking way

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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

Post by Habibi57 »

realy ? i hope they are joking

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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

Post by hannibal »

Write me if you know how to run the technical side of it. I will pay all the money that's needed.

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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

Post by laxa »

I could run ddnet on 1 server someday, but right now, I have no time to set it up online, in the meantime, you can play on my servers

If I host ddnet, it'll be in France, which would increase german players ping by 20 ms or so at worst.

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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

Post by Index »

What the duck is happening :o
I'm sure we will find a way to finance the servers all together, I didn't know it's that urgent..

However, it's a sudden move. Yea, there were structure changes and so on, but without any concrete announcement in the particualr direction you just end ddnet lol

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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

Post by Dherian! »

Please Tell me it¡s inoccents day... :(

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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

Post by Alvin Risk »

What for should i play tw if my fav ddrace community is dead?
Ya ebu tvou mamashu.

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Re: The End of DDraceNetwork

Post by stompie »

Is there no one to fall back on to host servers in other countries aswell or is this Goodbye for good? :(

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