The History of DDNet

More serious discussions, information about official DDNet servers, important announcements.
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Re: The History of DDNet

Post by BlaGK »

Great Story. Was definitely worth the read.

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Re: The History of DDNet

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Did u have to put time played >.>

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Re: The History of DDNet

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I say thanks to deen and .me' for creating this community, thx, because with that i found new friends that i met everyday and i do some tricks to :D

Keep working deen, and im sry for my actitude

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Re: The History of DDNet

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I finished hotrun 114 times because i was like; someday someone will watch my stats, and he will think, Why did he finished that map that often?! I just wanted to f**k up people, nothing else. (this not a joke :| )
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Re: The History of DDNet

Post by Chairn »

Great story.

I remember when i came back from holidays in 2013, Blagk told me to come to a new server and the first map i played was Bootcamp i think. Still here 2 years later.

Happy birthday DDNet, long may you live.

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Re: The History of DDNet

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Great story and wonderful written, I really enjoyed reading it. =)

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Re: The History of DDNet

Post by gdin »

Great story!

I didn't realize DDNet had such a big history. I was always secluded in my own world of Inspire Clan Servers, and didn't really notice DDNet until Inspire shut down because of it. I wish I could have been around when it was founded, but I wouldn't trade anything for my time in Inspire :P

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Re: The History of DDNet

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I'm crying :,)

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Re: The History of DDNet

Post by hannibal »

Shit i'm in the most addicted list

very nice deen, i loved ddnet from the first minute on. and noone can say anymore that kobra 2 isn't a legendary map.

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Re: The History of DDNet

Post by BeaR »

Cool post, thanks for writing it up (:

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