zEsc Servers?

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Re: zEsc Servers?

Post by Ryozuki »

Spyker wrote:I think this mod will be very cool to i prove speedrun skill... Because as i can see the most of people just play maps for points and we are losting the competitive ranks in tw :)
but if we do that we have to start with very easy maps, so everyone can get the mod
Play normal infection i think its more fun :L

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Re: zEsc Servers?

Post by BlaGK »

Well, I played zESC for roughly 2 years in the past, so i would love to see some good/active servers back again. I know some people who share this opinion.

I would also like to mention some things the zESC mod had, StormPhönix didn't mention:
1. 2 kind of maps:
a) the escape ones where we had to run to the end & collect the flag
b) the survival ones where we had to survive until the time runs out (Usually on ctf5)
2. Upgrades for weapons.
3. Increasing difficulty as "humans" continued to win the rounds. (was only there for a short time on ze_jungle)

I wonder what made you stopped being interested, but If you ever decide to bring them back, I'd love to see in "full shape" ^^.

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Re: zEsc Servers?

Post by Kirbs »

Infection was always fun in LAN-parties, but I never got anyone to play zEsc.
Also I know what you're talking about the annoying tricks with the hammer-laser :P

I think that it might be hard to run zEsc servers due to the configs. I tried to run one once, (as stated above) but I couldn't find anywhere what special settings are needed in the configs. I have most of the old maps that we used to play zEsc on, though, and I could get those off my old laptop if need be, but I doubt that I will need to :P
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Re: zEsc Servers?

Post by Kero »

Does anyone have server files for zesc? I looked around a bit and was on BotoX GitHub page, but the source code throws out errors.
I would like to play a round again, but I miss the files :/

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Re: zEsc Servers?

Post by ♥|Duca »

Up again, that would be cool to have zEsc back
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Re: zEsc Servers?

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