Map quality

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Re: Map quality

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Actually I think noone cares about ddmax, at least I don't

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Re: Map quality

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Then please speak for yourself

we had a nice time on ddmax for some years :D

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Re: Map quality

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I agree with Ama. I loved ddmax before I was banned, the server that really made me fall in love with the game.

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Re: Map quality

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Deffently Ama, ddmax had its days :D.

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Re: Map quality

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Of course the guys from DDmax did a good job, but i think there are reasons why all people from DDmax went to DDNet.
I think one of the reasons are the maps.

While early DDos-Attacks i played some maps on DDmax. Since i'm playing on DDNet many maps on DDmax look bad. You have to search for some time to find a really good map.
On DDNet it's easier. I can choose a map wich fits to my skills (stars) and then i have a good chance to find a map i want to play.
There are bad maps on DDNet, too. But not so many...
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Re: Map quality

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DDMax was just outdated... that's all..

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Re: Map quality

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Re: Map quality

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will you stop necroposting?

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