Event: RaceGores Modification

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Re: Event: RaceGores Modification

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Iwant hi leute gll back(in a bit more tolerant version) ddnet testing section is a fucking mess....that rayb and joa try to keep clean but they cant cause there are people posting 5 shit maps a week..

also i dont get why you dont discuss this in your gores forum... and if you stole an idea, give credits... can't be that hard to say thx..
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Re: Event: RaceGores Modification

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hi_leute_gll wrote: Didn't expect you something else than telling a wrong story, since you were never involved into this and mostly inactive back then. So let me fix that for you:
Interesting subject.

I know that you don't care about it but maybe you want to know:

In real life ideas cost nothing. Zero. Absolutely zero. It is true.
Only realizations have some cost.

Any idea that you have costs nothing without a realization.

For example, i have an idea to produce teleports IRL. There is a huge market demand for that. So what?
Another example:
The first tablet was produced by Microsoft and wasn't a success.

Your life will be much easier if you get that.

The most useless thing in the whole world is ideas. After opinions of course. :)
Opinion has a worth only if the opinion-maker has a big result.

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