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|*KoG*| Gores Medal Event

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As you might know |*KoG*| is a community of players that are good in Gores.
We have our servers with lots of Gores maps in Germany, Chile and USA. From time to time we organize tournaments.

The next |*KoG*| Gores Medal Event will take place on Friday, February 19 at 20.00 CET
We will play on the new gores map "Escape" by Hawerer
There will be servers in Germany, Chile and the USA
Everyone can participate, there is no registration, just show up on time and have fun!

Winners of the event will get medals and season points as a reward.

Here is the list of rewards for our tournament:

1st place
medal + 50 Season Points.

2nd place
medal + 40 Season Points.

3rd place
medal + 30 Season Points.

4th-6th places
20 Season Points.

You can read more information about our points system, medals and players rankings on our site http://www.qshar.com or our forum http://www.qshar.com/forum

Have fun and Good luck! QshaR and kamillentee. Also thanks to iMTG Team!

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