Im working on something...

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Would you like to play something like this?

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Im working on something...

Post by Vasten100 »

Yeah... Hey Ddnet
I just want to ask you for your opinion about my map idea.
so watch the video and say if you would like to play a map like this. (Visuals etc aren't finished yet but i want to animate some effects that will play accordingly to the music. Like the Background does.)
I'm planning to add a Practice-Mode where you can discover the level (but you can't get a Finish)
Also, there will be a score system where you can see, if a player collected all collectables.
And yeah... this video was uploaded a long time ago ;)
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Re: Im working on something...

Post by Silex »

Looks fun to me

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Re: Im working on something...

Post by clefairy' »

Nice geometry dash map.

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Re: Im working on something...

Post by Ninjed »

looks cool, but if i'd play gd maps, i will do it in gd.
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Re: Im working on something...

Post by Frr »

Cool stuff Vasten, keep it up :)

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Re: Im working on something...

Post by Cellegen »

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Re: Im working on something...

Post by Welf »

Depends on what happens if you fail, i wouldn't like to restart every 2 seconds, even with practise mode. Right now for me the map is learning when to jump instead of understanding the cool effects.
You can easily add bonus time for obstacles, so a speedrun requires all obstacles. Maybe we need bonus time tiles to only work once a run so don't have to put them too carefully.

blablabla cool effects, blablabla dont give up creating cool stuff, imagine some more nice words here :)

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Re: Im working on something...

Post by Ama »

Cool Stuff

But you should map for Fun

This isnt gonna get played very often maybe make a tournament out of it so you get more players into this

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