(Question) Video programm

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(Question) Video programm

Post by Roco »

Which programm is good for editing videos? Mb for amateurs?

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Re: Video programm

Post by Vasten100 »

Windows Movie Maker (Pfff) -Kappa

Adobe Premiere Pro is prety good, aswell as Sony Vegas Pro (both cost money)
you also can transform Blender (Free Program) to a editing Programm (i dont recomend you to do so)

If you want to make some specialFX, use After Effects. I love this Program :)
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Re: (Question) Video programm

Post by KriXx »

Vegas the best :D

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Re: (Question) Video programm

Post by Fňokurka oo7 »

Adobe should be best option, atleast some ppl with years of experience claims that.
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Re: (Question) Video programm

Post by Ryozuki »

I prefer adobe premiere

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Re: (Question) Video programm

Post by gdin »

I use adobe premiere. To me, Vegas is like a mix of premiere and after effects.... with less of both.

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Re: (Question) Video programm

Post by Silex »


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Re: (Question) Video programm

Post by Spyker »

Vegas is more user friendly, and i think for tw videos you have enought options

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Re: (Question) Video programm

Post by BamBam »

Vegas is $600 one purchase, Premiere you can get for $20 a month but I think you can buy it for like ~$600-$100 or something
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Re: (Question) Video programm

Post by [A] Awesome »

BamBam wrote:Vegas is $600 one purchase, Premiere you can get for $20 a month but I think you can buy it for like ~$600-$100 or something
If you dont want to pay, you can use davinci, its a grading program but you can also cut with it, the tesversion is free and i think the version is only limited in the grading area.
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