Racer - Blocker Skin |Crown

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Racer - Blocker Skin |Crown

Post by 2fame4you »

Hey guys
I sat down and created a race skin with paint.net.
After 15-20min it was ready and I used it the first time ingame.
In my opinion its a nice skin for race and block.
I would be glad if you would use it.

Ingame: ♔Crown♔

Have Fun

Thanks to fokkonaut !
Blue Racer.png
Blue Racer.png (11.89 KiB) Viewed 761 times

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Re: Racer - Blocker Skin |Crown

Post by fokkonaut »

Why thanks to me? :D

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Re: Racer - Blocker Skin |Crown

Post by Lumpy ◐ω◑ »

"Shut up and take my thanks" :D

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Re: Racer - Blocker Skin |Crown

Post by TreasurePlanet »

Nice skin actually! :D

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