Beast skin modification

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Beast skin modification

Post by SBL »

Hey guys!
I have seen a lot of people useing the black "Beast" skin lately, inclusing myself. The only problem I had with that skin was the feet, to seen my doublejump status. So i decided to modify the skin. At first it looked very wierd but then I really liked it with that wierd modification.
skin preview.jpg
skin preview.jpg (5.14 KiB) Viewed 877 times
Original skin by whis

So, if you like it, go ahead and use it. I think it is a nice thing for other people aswell, to see if the doublejump is available or not.

beastfeet.png (6.37 KiB) Viewed 877 times

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Re: Beast skin modification

Post by Soreu »

Looks like a really good idea to me
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Re: Beast skin modification

Post by mokuz »

But maybe edit hands too?

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Re: Beast skin modification

Post by Skyrel »

Well... its a good idea... but is not unique as u modified only the feet of the beast skin...

I would add it if u put in the skin a full white cap... that would be really nice ;)

P.s. for the jump just make the full white feet... yellow feet with yellow hat O.O AWSOME!

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