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The Teleportation Gun (Improved Version)

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 4:38 pm
by Ryozuki
Telegun - using weapons to teleport

How it works
Weapons need to be collected and activated with a telegun-on tile. You can then teleport with pistol and grenade by hitting hook/unhook (collision) tiles with a telegun-activator tile on top. Laser teleports you if the last tile it bounced off was a telegun-activated tile or if it didn't hit a collision tile at all.

New tiles
Disclaimer: These tiles are introduced in DDNet 11.5
  • Telegun-on/-off tiles:
    These tiles activate/deactivate a weapon as a telegun-weapon (pistol, grenade, laser). They behave like solo-on/-off, superjump-on/-off, etc.

    Indices: 96, 97, 112, 113, 128, 129 (game-layer and front-layer)
  • Telegun-activator tiles:
    Placed on top of a collision tile, these activate a tile as a spot to teleport to.
    The orange one cancels movement after teleporting while the blue one preserves movement. Note, that unlike normal teleporters, hook is always preserved by teleporting with telegun.

    Indices: 98, 99 (front- and switch-layer)

    You can use the switch layer to allow only specific weapons to teleport onto a tile.
    Modify the delay value to select the desired weapon:
    • 0: All weapons
    • 1: Only pistol
    • 2: Only grenade
    • 3: Only laser
    (4 or greater equals 0)


Re: The Teleportation Gun (Improved Version)

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:52 am
by worstwish
very nice