Bounce or no Bounce?

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Bounce or no Bounce?

Post by Rico »

Bounce or no Bounce?
tested and written by Rico

Today I have tested smth which is bothering me since quite some time.
When a tee falls straight down on a another tee, when does the tee bounce and when not.
I have made a .txt file which includes my results. It is not the MOST precised testing, but it should do the homework.
If someone has to say smth about it pls post it, ill hear you out. If this test does not coresponds to your experience pls tell me that. I will look into it again.

*This is for educational purposes only* he...
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Re: Bounce or no Bounce?

Post by deen »

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                                At which heigth does a player bounce, if he falls straight on a other tee from above?
                                                        (Dummy on the ground!)

Dummy has weak! (Note this test was done in fiver steps.)       |       Dummy has strong! (Note this test was done in fiver steps.)
Test01:                                                         |       Test02:
. 0-9 Tees:     no bounce                                       |       NO DIFFERENCE
. 10:           minimal bounce                                  |
. 11-19:        bounce                                          |
. 20-29:        no bounce                                       |
. 30-39:        bounce                                          |
. 40-59:        no bounce                                       |
. 60-100+:      bounce                                          |

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