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Re: Slow moving kamille

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Bind to move very slowly only 3 or 4 steps for every scrollwheel turn (depending on direction).
slow_move_kamille.gif (1.59 MiB) Viewed 141 times
This animation runs on full speed btw.

A. As you already might now you will stop all movement when pressing a/d at the same time. Now if you bind +right and +left to the mousewheel ( bind mousewheelup +right and bind mousewheeldown +left) you can interrupt this stopping signal for a very short time. But you cannot just press a/d at the same time as this does not work reliably (try it out yourself). You will need to bind bind x "+right; +left" on a key. Use the mousewheel and keep holding x (the order is important otherwise you will move much faster in the beginning)

There are different ways too.

B. If you dont have a mouse (or like me are too lazy to get it) you could also bind +right; +left to another key besides x, lets say y. Now press x then a movement key like a or d and then y. Hold all keys for a second (otherwise you move too far) then release the movement key then the rest.

C. Use trackpoint scrolling for infinite movement if you have a trackpoint. With new thinkpads it does not work without ending, but with my very old external IBM thinkpad keyboard it does without any limit

D. Combine A and B to make it more reliable, as sometimes you move too far. (I for myself just watch the clock on top and use the binds only at certain times as it depends from timing)
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