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Just bind it

Postby Index » Mon Oct 19, 2015 3:40 pm

Just bind it
written by Index, thanks to deen, kamillentee & others

Almost all actions in teeworlds can be bound to a special key on your keyboard. You can quickly do a lot of things and it’s a great way to customize your tw experience. So, here are some common binds with a short explanation.

To set a bind you can either open the console with f1 OR you directly edit the settings_ddnet.cfg file in your teeworlds userdata folder.

All the examples use x as a random key or even a mousebutton.
If you don’t know the right description for the key (used by the client), you can bind something to it using the ddnet settings interface and then check the .cfg file. It will show you the client intern name for the specific key.

Here are some of the most popular binds. The list may be extended over time.

bind x toggle cl_showhud 0 1
Enable/Disable HUD (health bar, ammo, time and so on)

bind x toggle gfx_high_detail 0 1
Enable/Disable ‘High Detail’ (same as HD on/off in settings)

bind x toggle cl_show_quads 0 1
Don’t show/Show quads

bind x toggle cl_overlay_entities 0 100
Enable/Disable Entities (100%)

bind x +showhookcoll
Shows the hook collision line for better aiming (ddnet client exclusive)

bind x +toggle inp_mousesens 1 100
Lower mouse sense for improved hooking when you hold the key. NOTE: You should set 100 to your current inp_mousesens

bind c toggle cl_antiping 0 1
Enable/Disable antiping

bind x zoom- OR bind x zoom+ OR bind x zoom
Zoom options. Zoom out, in or set to default value.

bind x "+show_chat; chat all"
bind x "+show_chat; chat team"

Show more of chat when you start chatting

bind x "+show_chat; chat all /c "
Whisper to the last person you whispered to

bind x "player_color_body XXXXXXXX; player_color_feet XXXXXXXX"
Bind feet and body color in one key

bind mouse2 "+hook; emote X"
Change the emote while hooking, you can add ;emote X behind all instructions (eg +jump).
Refer to this list for the emoticon numbers used by the game engine.
► Show Spoiler: Emoticon values

bind x player_name NewName
Change the name with a bind

More binds will probably be added over time :)

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