Auto-Freeze for gores maps

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Auto-Freeze for gores maps

Post by Ravie »

Placing freeze design in gores maps automatically, using a special tileset.

Before we get started, you will need to download the tileset and corresponding rules file and place them in the correct folders.
auto_freeze.png - goes to data/mapres
auto_freeze.rules - goes to data/editor

1. Make a new layer and set the auto_freeze tileset on it.
2. Go to the Game layer and move to the bottom-right corner of it.
3. Hold space and click and hold the top-left tile, then release space. You can now drag a selection over the whole layer and release mouse.
GIF for Step #3Show
4. Go to the auto_freeze layer and move to the top-left corner of it.
5. Line up the top-left corner of your selection with the top-left corner of the layer and click to place it.
6. You can now automap the layer with the Auto Border rule, followed by the style of your choice (Round Corners or Soft Corners).

Your freeze design is now done, all that's left to do is give it a nice color. ;)
PS. I realize this is a more KoG oriented tutorial, but their forum no longer exists and this is still mapping related, so I hope it's not a big deal.
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