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Hello guys and teeworlds fans,
My name is Fabian, im a 19 years old boy from the north of Germany and maybe you will know me as "KlexMikrowelle" in Teeworlds.

I play teeworlds since january 2015, because a friend of mine showed me the game and I started teeworld with blmaps, haha :mrgreen: , but in my opinion its the best way to start in teeworlds as a new player.

In Teeworlds I really like the DDRace genre, so it's my main and favorite gamemode in teeworlds.
I really like the game! For me teeworlds is a game, which doesnt gets boring (sorry for my bad english, haha :D), because you can play so many difficult gamemodes and teeworlds has a great community, so I love this game till now.

Since last year I start to make youtube videos about Teeworlds, like Speedruns, Tutorials or maybe just funny moments and in 2017 I want to bring more Im DDRace player, I have 3300p and I am a member of the "unique"-clan since last year. :)
videos and genres. (Just for them, who are interested, my youtube name is "KlexMikrowelle")
Maybe this is all about me in teeworlds :D

At least I can say I introduce myself, because I want to get more activ in the teeworlds community and in the ddnet forum :lol:

So this is all - Have a great day and hope we see us in teeworlds :roll:

KlexMikrowelle - Fabian

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Hey! Nice to see you introducing yourself, i have found you in youtube, and im very impressed about your tops, videos, points and all that you have made in this short time. Regards from Chile! Im very happy about you joining the teeworlds community. If you need to talk, about tee, here am i!
Maybe we need just time to think..

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