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I'm Felix, I am 17 Years old and I come from Germany (Franconia).
My Main interest is music (I'm playing in Bands, a chapel and an orchestra) but i also enjoy playing football regulary.
My favourite offline Genres are rogue-likes and jrpgs.
Online games i enjoy are Monster hunter, dota2 and Team fortress 2.
And now some tw stuff:
I started to Play in the 0.4.3ers, mainly vanilla (later insta) and in 0.5 i played many Mods, especially race. I didnt care about ddrace until xyz ddrace2 was Made. As everyone started to Block on the Server i changed to NUT(Since that im called Suppe). Later i played ddmax until joined the Server and told us There was a New Server Called ddnet. Nowadays i Play mainly ddnet but i also enjoy ddmax and Nut.

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