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Presentation SnaKer$

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I'm Tim, 17 years old and I come from Belgium. I just finished my secondary studies this year and I gonna start university to be an industrial engineer (Wanna do a career in New Way of Energy). What do I like ? Traveling, Be with my friends, Music (Drum and Bass, Liquid Dubstep, Rock, Chillout depending on my mood ^^), and Noodle :roll: .

I discovered Teeworld in 2010 and used to play CTF, ICTF, ZeSC, Zcatch, XXLDD and much more. I've stop for several month a few times because of school or just being bored. And a little more than one month ago, I discovered DDnet and began to play more and more. But I still be quite noobish (I usually play easy moderate map) but I'm improving :D If you wanna race with me just go and search for SnaKer$, I'll be glad to meet new people before going to school again and have far less time for gaming :(.

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