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Re: Handifly

Post by Cloudly » Fri Jul 29, 2016 5:30 pm

So you can tell 95% of the community is not enjoying the map?
This is a 5* Brutal as all the other 5*. The only difference is that you have to go in a team to play it instead of a big group where all are blocking each other and everyone plays ego.
This map is just a challenge and it doesn't matter if you are good or not. You still can try this map but you might not finish if you are not that experienced.

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Re: Handifly

Post by ryoma » Sat Jul 30, 2016 10:34 pm

Ryozuki wrote:"Map for only pros".

Sure, idk who agreed to release this map which only has been played by 5 people and then abandoned instead of a "normal map". And i'm not talking about it being 5 stars, there are brutal 5 stars which are fun to play and even mod players can play it on big groups.

If you would really play that map, and you know nobody else than 5 people would play it, why don't just make your own server and play there. I think it would have been much more better for the community to reserve that date for a map that deserves it.
dunno y u hatin so much... with this logic u have, u can delete all the other maps which r only playable in teams and have scant finishes like justgeneric or some other.

there r maps like nut-races getting released or most of the ddmax maps which r never gonna played and u mean his map shouldnt be released or doesnt even deserve it..?

with such a behavior u and many others who occupy positions, u r gonna scare off many ppl

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Re: Handifly

Post by BamBam » Sun Jul 31, 2016 12:33 am

This map is great. So far having lots of fun with it.
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Re: Handifly

Post by Konsti » Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:41 am

Ryozuki wrote:All the time we talk about a 5 start map you always come with "oh, this isn't for low brutal , mod or novice". But you are no one to make 95% of the people to not play 5 brutal maps. What i meant is for example that a map like generic world is way better and you can play in big groups and it's way more enjoyable than a map with just sg fly where teams are locked. As i said, if you want to play such type of map you can do it on a lan server or on a vps. If you use a little logic you can see clearly that on this situation the ones that will have fun are 5 guys instead of whole community. And as a community i think we want to bring things to all possible people.

I agree :!:

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Re: Handifly

Post by Welf » Mon Aug 01, 2016 10:33 am

Noobs can't play dif 1.3/dif 2.3, you need alot of experience to do even the first part, if you are not good enough you can't really have fun at the maps. And still these both maps are really good maps.
Difficulty shouldn't be a problem (unless a map is really too hard in a bad way).
It is okay to have hard 2 player maps where pros only are enjoying the gameplay, e.g. the prelast part of Handifly, you do hammerhitfly while hooking a dummy, that is a funny part and challenging in a good way ;)
I would like to see the ddnet community stop hating

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Re: Handifly

Post by RayB. » Thu Aug 04, 2016 12:40 am

Welf wrote: It is okay to have hard 2 player maps where pros only are enjoying the gameplay, e.g. the prelast part of Handifly
Then make sure that the pros enjoy playing the map. Only the mapper and two of his friends was interested in playing the map. After deepfly was disabled 0 players was interested in playing this map and still if someone else finish this maps then not on the pro way.
Actually It looks more like this
Kintaro* wrote: imsounique parts only mapper will finish 420 noscope much skill wow Map!
Cloudly wrote:
Ryozuki wrote:I think it would have been much more better for the community to reserve that date for a map that deserves it.
Are you serious? So you wanna tell me with 6 month we still have not waited long enough for the release? Well, I don't think so..
Then when it finally got released there were cheats with deepfly and some other tricks.
Ofc you waited long enough but you did nothing else then just sending a buggy map and saying It's ready. Now after the first fix after the release are still cheats remaining but you guys aren't even interested to fix them. I'm sure just because you are the only one who play this map.
Kintaro* wrote: imsounique parts only mapper will finish 420 noscope much skill wow Map!
ye I love taro for this
Aoe wrote: I know you dont like me Ryozuki, but keep your personal things away from your profession. Everything I do you disagree with, with the only reason because you dont like me.
He is quite profession in comparison how you talk as a ingame moderator ingame but that's kinda off topic.
He can be proud of not having the same opinion like you. But It's still weird that you wrote this even if you are doing exactly this. proof -> You won't agree with me in this post even if I'm right because you don't like me.
Aoe wrote: You are the guy releasing the maps, so instead of wasting your time telling me how shit my map is go and...
slow down dude the forum is still a place where you can share your opinion.
Aoe wrote: I do my part by mapping the maps, but when it takes 6 months to release a map, there is not much motivation to make another map ;)
It's nice to know that but nobody will splash a tear or feel worry. It's your decision if you make a map and send it to us or open up new servers and release your maps there or get all of your maps away from DDnet. It's up on you and nobody will influence your decision expect your mind that changes like the seasons lmfao.
But tbh this seasons is the best.
Aoe wrote: I've talked to multiple people that does the same and think like me, so change the damn "Planned Map Releases" and just release more frequently.
We release 4-5 maps per week.
I would appreciate it a lot when you and your multiple people let the players there time to finish the maps we release and the mappers their time to get their maps played.
Aoe wrote: Just look at the last time I uploaded a pros play, There is barely any maps being released, and if this is your way of getting to me you are not only hurting me, but also the whole community.
The perfect example of how horrible the DDnet release system affects the important stuff...
It's your own problem when you don't want to feed ur loyal fans with new content. DDnet hosts nearly 2k maps and releases 4-5 per week. The only one who is hurt is your brain with the lies it believes.
Btw I'm asking me when you want to edit one of the wonderful demos that players sent the Hall of Fame guys. It seems like you didn't do anything. I guess you have also freetime because you don't record any pros plays. So how about editing some vids instead of crying about no new pros plays?
Amu is also totally right you should stop talking for people about you don't know a silly thing.
Aoe wrote: Mapper rule nr 1 is:
Be creative!
This map is unlike anything, every single part is brand new & never seen before. You dont get a more "creative" map than this nowadays. This map is literally easy as pie when you found out about the small tricks for each parts. And thats how it is with never seen before parts. People are gonna suck at the start but eventually figure it out.
I guess you can perfectly replace me for a few seconds.
Aoe wrote: But lets try and be realistic for a second, shall we?. How on earth would you create a map, where you can't map anything that hasnt been seen before. its allmost impossible, and if you do manage to do it, it often sucks so hard that the map would never be played, lets take a look at hi_leute_gll map GLL which he obviously thinks is how a DDNET map should be.
Ironic enough, People dont want to play these "new creative ideas" because people like the good old teeworlds.
You shouldn't follow this rule like It's your main goal for this season. - Aoe 2k15 slightly changed by RayB.
Aoe wrote: Seems like nobody never told you, but Brutal 5 star is a rank made for the best players in the world. Not for the average player.
I'm sure you heard this also the first time at the time you wrote it :D
Aoe wrote: you gotta be out of your mind by giving me advice on my mapping and telling me I should make a 5 star brutal map playable for moderator players!?
just look at falling down.
Falling down is a nice map .Loop and Kayumi made a really good job.
But you are out of your role when you don't recognize that he said that your map is in comparison to the other Brutal 5* maps bad.

So after I made this Q&A (quote and answer I newly invented it! )
I want to know if It's now okay to finish the map with the cheats without getting his rank deleted ?
Since some tees already got their ranks deleted without that the cheats got fixed.

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Re: Handifly

Post by Aoe » Fri Aug 05, 2016 6:23 pm

I guess you guys are right. People seem to hate this map

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Re: Handifly

Post by Kintaro* » Fri Aug 05, 2016 6:33 pm

lol.png (14.48 KiB) Viewed 1009 times

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Re: Handifly

Post by Aoe » Fri Aug 05, 2016 6:37 pm

ye whats wrong with antibuguse? :D aint the pros allowed to enjoy some maps aswell? novice, mod and easy brutal maps gets borring after 8 years.

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Re: Handifly

Post by HaHAxD » Fri Aug 05, 2016 11:04 pm

first off all i finished the map with starkiller after the release and we wastet fck 300 min for this map and after 1 day someone delete the first finish because off some other ways to race this map? And know the "cheats" aren t fixed after all?
Thats not fair i want my finish back i wasted much time and for example i rly had no idea how to do the last part i just thought deepfly could do it so this isnt a cheat this is just another way to do the part its like all parts in tw everyone can use another way to finish it and just because the mapper didnt saw this way i lst my finish? maybe for someone this map is ez but i wasted long time for the hooklfy or sg parts for nothing? so its only fair when i get my finish back because i finished the map and wasted a long time for it


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