Devil Lucky Thieves by Diegou<('-'<) & Karina [Novice]

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Devil Lucky Thieves by Diegou<('-'<) & Karina [Novice]

Post by Diegou » Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:32 pm

Well, this is a improvement of my first map that I've published here a few days ago called "Patience". We changed the whole thematic of the map and, obviously, its name, because the "old version" looked like a super common map and it was boring. We hope that you like it. Thanks. (Of course, credits to the owners of the tilesets).
Devil Lucky
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Re: Devil Lucky Thieves by Diegou<('-'<) & Karina [Novice]

Post by n000b » Sat Jan 27, 2018 2:17 pm

well thanks for the effort, but t his map is not releasable. i got some feedback for you and the most important 1 is:

play your map before uploading and be critical.
the design isn't really great, the background is confusing sometimes and it's too busy sometimes.
i have tested your map for like 20 minutes and i found a shitload of bugs.

here some screens, but definitly not all.
buggy part with that shotgun in combination with no collision, and if you lose the shotgun without reaching the other side, it is impossible to do the part.
mapping failure
jetpack part is too hard for a novice map.
you can both go down and do the jetpack part. but if the one without sg goes left he failed.
some parts with confusingly bad design
this part isn't novice and it is also boring to get and lose that sg all the time.
those screens where just a tip of the iceberg.

like i said, test your maps and fixes all the bugs. after that some parts may need a change and maybe then it is releasable.
Meet me ingame if you wanna test together, then i can tell you what you should do. (or pm me on the forum or in discord).

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Re: Devil Lucky Thieves by Diegou<('-'<) & Karina [Novice]

Post by jao » Sat Jan 27, 2018 2:29 pm

Looks like it's the same gameplay as your first map. Maybe it didn't come across, but the gameplay is not good enough to be released. It contains way too many basic parts and isn't creative enough. A new design won't improve that.

Also, take more time than a few days for mapping. Good maps need some time ;)


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