At The Beginning

Maps that have been tested.

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At The Beginning

Post by Syltoox »

I made my second map because my last one wasnt great.
I hope to get some ideas to make it better.
This map should be a Novice 1 or 2 Star map, and you guys can test it :D
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Re: At The Beginning

Post by Deeper »

sorry but, its bad.
Very bad design, more randoms bugs , bad parts
Very bad design, more randoms bugs , bad parts
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Please read this rules:

Try to stick to this standards:
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Re: At The Beginning

Post by RayB. »

First of all I have to say your map isn't releasable. It isn't rly made well and tight novice maps aren't enjoyable in general. Here a list of the rules you should try to follow definetly next time.
  • Your start area should be big enough for at least 10 players to start.
  • Make your map fun! If your map is not fun, it will only be played once - for points. Therefore it is essential for your map to be free of any time wasting and boring parts.
  • Do not make unnecessarily tight parts. Using more space will not only make your map more enjoyable, but will allow bigger groups to play together as well.
  • Your map must be balanced throughout the whole map (do not put a Brutal part in the middle of a Moderate map).
I would suggest you to start a new map with a bit more knowledge about what makes a good map out. Check your favorite maps and try to find out what makes them good and implement this aspects in your own maps.

There is a map with kinda the same name.
All at the beginning

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