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Re: ChillCore

Post by meew' »

jao wrote:Seems like most people dont like this map. You should listen to Welf and try a new map. Also we dont need another stupidly faily map right now.
Konsti apply as a tester if you want to push ... you are pushing maps senseless
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Re: ChillCore

Post by Lumina »

Im not a fan of this map,
I am disagree of releasing this map, either i see a good reason why it should have a release.

The main argue, why this map should be reade is only the same 2 argues:

1.with 2.players you have a challenged to pass this map.
2. with a big group it makes it easier to finish this map.

You can see the map gets senseless pushed.

I am disagree why the map isnt worth for me, to release it on ddnet.

1. the ''challenge'' you say is just a boring gores with some random ddnet parts in it.
If you really wanna have a challenge than go play other gores maps, there are a lot more maps where you can have this ''challenge'',
For example we can take the Map: Springlobe from Themix,
The map concept is based on gores too, you have your ''challenge'' aswell you can play in big groups...this is much more interesting and it would have more fun, than this map Chilicore from Chillerdragon.

2.''Playing in a big group, makes it more fun to play on this map'' i disagree aswell...
There are some tight parts for more 4-6 tees, and this fun isnt that great as you might now think...

Lets give me here a example 2: The Map Hardcore 10 by from =CuBe= and =Typhoon=
give you much more fun to play in a big group.
You can nearly play a 64 team on this map, and you still have your fun, of course it has some annoying parts,
but you still have your fun playing with such a big group and saving tees makes the map very friendly to play.

The map Chilicore has no a really nice part where you can save tees, it would not make fun to play in a big group, because it has tight parts, and failing at some parts of this map, the part where you need to get laser, you can easy fail there and losing there and saving tees ins literally meh....

All in all what i can say about the map is:
If you wanna play gores, you will find another maps, where it makes more fun.
Searching a ''challenge'' isnt really that fun, more stupid and faily.
If you wanna play it in a big group, the parts of the map arent that spacefriendly, it has more tight annoying parts , and the saving tees is very annoying.

I can say that i am against release of this map, and should be put in archive
Childerdragon can map a few better map than this.
This map should be not in ddnet.

Goodbye from side.
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Re: ChillCore

Post by Freezestyler »

I tested the map with dummy and I have to say that I don't like it as well, sorry chillerdragon. :(
I sadly agree 100% with Lumina.

I had no fun while playing it, seems like it's moderate in team 0 and 5* brutal in a 2 player team..
Some random gores, some uncreative ddrace parts, 2 creative parts. That's it..
For me this isn't enough for a good map.

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Re: ChillCore

Post by StorмPʜöɴix »

Sry, but i gonna agree with the ohter Tester.
In my opinion this map is also not good enouogh te be reworked, there arent any special parts in it, and its just damn faily in team of 2.
On the ohter hand its just pretty "easy" in a bigger group. To be honest, it looks like a goresmap, that turned somehow in to a ddracemap, with standard parts. You can do better.

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Re: ChillCore

Post by jao »

RayB. wrote:The faily parts are pretty normal for a brutal map and not stupid.
Well I think for a 2 player team some parts are pretty stupid faily. Lumina basicly said it all.
Anyways since alot players dont like the map, I think it would be a mistake to release this one.


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