Theory Of Fail

Maps that have been tested.

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Re: Theory Of Fail

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jao wrote:Those are no bugs.
*Texture bugs or specifically done, but doesnt look good
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Re: Theory Of Fail

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These things are intended by the mapper and fit to the overall disturbing concept of the map.
So jao is imo totally right, these are no bugs :)

Thanks anyways for testing :3

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Re: Theory Of Fail

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jao wrote:You can move in every direction, like if you only put superjump there. The tunezone is kinda useless now. Is that how you want it?
I have noticed a bug - stop when you press the "left". No, it's not like I want to. I'm not good at tune-zone. Help me configure the tune-zone.

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Re: Theory Of Fail

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Theory Of
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