Unsafe by MaDLeX & Aras [Brutal]

Maps that have been tested.

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Re: Unsafe

Post by Konsti »

StorмPʜöɴix wrote:If you like to die, or being failed everywhere, just because you, or someone only missed one hook, sure you gonna have a lot of fun restarting this map over and over again. Oh and if not, its your problem right? No, i dont think like that. A map at least should entertain the most. Well i dont think alot of people gonna enjoy this map, and its not even like there are super special parts in it, its just because its damn faily. If the parts themselfs would been map without anykill tiles, they just would be thight parts, that are seen often enough, and they dont even make that much fun, at least i couldnt enjoy playing that map. Now lets think its gonna be enjoyable in big groups, 15 out of 30 people would make it to half of the map, and from there on, its aint gonna be easier.

About the BG, dont make it bigger, just fix it.


Sorry, but i dont would like to see it on ddnet, just try to focus more on some nice gameplay, and not making everything excusable with "its faily, so it can be like this"

This isnt wrong, but why got maps like Hostile and Hostile 2 released where you can die with every wrong move?


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Re: Unsafe

Post by Hidden-Ezio »

Because Hostile is one of the best maps... Its short and hard... but easy if you know how... all in all hostille isnt named as a good map...but I rly like it

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Re: Unsafe

Post by jao »

Decent map. You should make it impossible to fall out of the map and add more space, especially at the end of the map, otherwise it will get annoying with a big team. Btw why you got a "Corners" layer but only used it one time? :)
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