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Posted: Mon May 02, 2016 4:40 pm
by mokuz
It is easy and solo grenade fly map.

Map on video: fly like a legend v1.2

Re: FlyLikeALegend

Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2016 8:19 am
by Ninjed
Nice to speedrace, but you see the prbolem? You have to use zoom..and background looks empty.

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Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2016 12:36 pm
by Index
Could be the next Joyride, just with a new technique lol
Nah, as Ninjed said this might actually be fun for speedrunners. But I'm not sure if it's fun for everyone else. The parts feel to monotonous (maybe not the right word to descirbe it accurately) right now :o
I'm sure it could be played without zoom, although its impossible to get top ranks like that.

The design is really simple. I don't feel like this is too bad, but maybe you can add a pattern in the bg (like Kobra) or just some clouds. It should not be totally eye-candy, thats distracting. But at least something :)

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Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2016 2:15 pm
by Ñı©Ø
I tested the map... I like the idea and it is not that hard without zoom-... First time without any zoom I arrived at the part where you must freeze and unfreeze yourself (the last one)...

1* solo... I like freeze and grass graphic but maybe make more on bg as Ninjed and Index told you... Also why when you hd off the background is totally different?

Ez to fix bugs:
screenshot_2016-07-01_14-19-54.png (51.2 KiB) Viewed 1079 times
screenshot_2016-07-01_14-10-03.png (41.42 KiB) Viewed 1080 times

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Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 6:03 am
by BamBam
Probably better to keep that, nico

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Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 2:36 pm
by Fňokurka oo7
We already had rocket jetpack map here. I would say that it was more creative and more "releasable".

I don't think that this should be released.

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Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:42 pm
by RayB.
I really like the map but I have to agree with fnokurka slightly. You were a bit uncreative at the last parts. I move it to "waiting to mapper" and hope for a improved new version otherwise It ll get declined.
screenshot_2016-09-29_18-37-08.png (54.18 KiB) Viewed 941 times
screenshot_2016-09-29_18-37-18.png (46.11 KiB) Viewed 941 times