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Re: Rick (Novice)

Post by BamBam »

It's okay for your first map, but I think Fnokurka and Deeper are right, it needs a rework. For instance, in novice maps there needs to be space for big groups, and the freeze color should be translucent grey or white. Some parts are nice, but the rest are not very fun for novice.

I suggest a rework, or just make a new map.

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Re: Rick (Novice)

Post by Fňokurka oo7 »

Making new map would be less work in my opinion.
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Re: Rick (Novice)

Post by Knight »

In my opinion, the map is good. The starting jetpack part and the unlimited jump part are a little bit too hard tho. And ofc some added space would be nice.
So my suggestion is for you to start a new map: take all of the parts(in the same order) make them better + bigger + easier(if required) and it should be fine.

P.S moving to archive till mapper solves the problems.

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Re: Rick (Novice)

Post by Watza24 »

okay.. i will work in something new and try to not make the same mistakes than this one, if i can make something good i'll share it here, thanks the testers for ur time and for ur advices :)

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