Fly to the Legends 3

Maps that have been tested.

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Re: Fly to the Legends 3

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Most of parts are tight gores, so at least for these parts his arguments are valid


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Re: Fly to the Legends 3

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ŊØṼÅ wrote:@Silex v3.0-3.9 playable only 3.6 and 3.9 , lmao 2 maps of 10. And yes, me also don't cares about your and another opinions.
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Re: Fly to the Legends 3

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stompie wrote:Even if the map is just for :pros" whatever your perception of that is the map is not fun the flow is non existent and its annoying even if you are a so called "pro" to keep doing a part over and over and over because you get tired of going in a straight line for 200 blocks
Its not playable for this community Try going to the KoG forums and release there, This is not DDrace map its just long tight parts for absolute no reason
stfu you have no idea and not even saw the map xD

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Re: Fly to the Legends 3

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i dont need to see the map just by looking at the others i can tell you that map wont have more that 50 tees finished whithin 2 years of its release so for all of our sakes dont try to release that literally a handful of people will play

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Re: Fly to the Legends 3

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Since mapper haven't touched anything on the map since the first post and seems to be not going to ever change a single thing on it due to his ego, most guys are against release, and discussion only goes in pointless direction, I'm closing the topic.
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