How to make a skin with GIMP

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How to make a skin with GIMP

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How to make a skin with GIMP
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Here i'm going to teach you how to make your very first and special skin in any Karakter you like!
All what you need to do is to fallow the instructions. :roll:
1. First download Gimp 2.10 on your computer. (If you use Linux-Ubuntu, better to install it with you 'Ubuntu Software' (
2. once you have Gimp opened, you need to download the new Version of DDNet (
3. In Gimp, press Ctrl+Alt+O (or just go to "file/open as layers") and open as your layer the image "default.png" (ddnet/data/skins).
4. After you've got you main layer to be the skin the you want (it's the best to use "default.png" if you're not making you tee with ears, but if you are making it with ears, best to use "coala_default.png" - it all depens on how you're making your tee), you can or erase/colorize/paint or do anything you'd like to do with your tee. (Make sure it's nice :P)
5. When you're done making the tee, you don't need to save the file, all what you need to do is to export ('Export As') your file (image) to any name you like and make sure that it's .png and not .jpeg/.jpg or anything else and also make sure tp place it in your skins file (ddnet/data/skins).
6. That's it!! All what you got to do now is to open DDNet (or restart close DDNet if it was already opened) and to change your skin to the one you've made and have fun!!
(Remember that only you can see your skin - other players would see your skin as default).

Thanks for reading!
(You can also watch a tutorial -
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Re: How to make a skin with GIMP

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Please change GIMP download link to official:
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Re: How to make a skin with GIMP

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Done, thanks
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