Push the guy by Tvgucker request

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Push the guy by Tvgucker request

Post by Zizka »

Hello ddnet'ers!

I would really appreciate the maps "Push the guy" 1-4 be put on DDnet under the oldschool section.
I'm not sure what kinda level these should be considered, but my guess would be Novice.

The maps are currently hosted on Heinrich5991's website:

I hope this will get through!


As the map names might suggest the maps require "push hook" in order to work correctly.
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Re: Push the guy by Tvgucker request

Post by Index »

You could quickly test, if they are working correctly on current ddnet versions.
If so, feel free to post them in the map testing section on discord.

However, the testers don't really like new oldschool releases we rarely release oldschool maps :>
So it might be rejected right away.
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